About us

Our roots are right from hunters to Vikings and farmers. We´ve been living her for centuries.
The area here was a strong hold for Vikings, the big lake with rivers leading to the sea made a good place to live and at the same time being able to travel, to trade and to explore more of the world.
We grew up on farms where you need to know a bit of everything, a kind of life where you can´t only be an expert in only one single field.
We learned everything we need to get around here, from the basics of behaving well and taking care of guests, to riding and repairing a bike.
We´ve been running this adventure company since 2012 and step by step we try to improve our knowledge in all areas and always improving the quality for our guests.
Our goal is to give our guests a great adventure and experience.

Since childhood we have had a passion for riding forest trails, and actually, riding on 2 wheels came into my genes before I knew it, my grandfather was the first person on the island to buy a moped and then he went on to own a few motorcycles and mopeds.
He used to ride on a regular basis until the age of 95, the last time he rode he was 96.
When I was 10 years old my brother and I got an old Zundap moped for 20€, a 1972 years model.
A neighbor helped to tune it so we at least could ride 45 km/h. Our parents didn´t allow us to ride on the public roads, thanks to them we had to look for all the possible dirt roads around our place, of course it was much more fun there compared to the paved roads.
After that he continued with Enduro bikes, and even in the army was a motorcycle courier riding on-road and off-road.
Mats gained his mechanical expertise from building container trucks, restore and repair classic cars as well as motorbikes.
In the past 10 years he has run his own staffing agency. He is qualified in tourist education and has practiced in Japan for one semester.

Lars-Ingvar, or as everyone calls him, Zingan, was born and raised with a view of the lake Bolmen.
Being born on a farm is not an obligation for working in the team but Zingan is a true outdoor person, he’s a former moose hunter and is prepared for everything.
Spending his year as a mechanic by profession our service guy who drives the support vehicle is also a very good mechanic with a passion for restoring old Volvo Amazons.
He has a genuine interest in meeting new people and easily makes them feel good, and he knows every good spot to have a coffee break.