We want you to enjoy all of your trip, not just when we’re riding. We want everything to be the best we can offer – including food. For breakfast we enjoy a great buffet, which may include yogurt / sour milk, porridge, ingredients such as muesli and cereals, different kinds of sandwich with various toppings (not fillings.. we’re Swedish, so our sandwiches are open!), boiled eggs, and other assorted foods. Milk, juice, coffee and tea are always available. We will enjoy some of our lunches at urban locations or even as picnics – and we are always trying in different ways to make each meal a bit special. Dinner at our hotels is prepared by skilled chefs using fresh ingredients that are typically selected according to the season. Most of the hotels we use have awards for their food in the ‘White Guide’, which rates the best restaurants in Sweden.


We use 3 and 4 star hotels which in most cases are situated in the countryside, mostly next to a lake. There are specific reasons why we have picked each of our hotels. For example, one might be a former mansion now became a hotel, or it could be that the building dates from the 1800s and is part of Swedish cultural heritage with much more atmosphere than modern city hotels. On top of all that, it’s good to enjoy mother nature including the opportunity to take an evening stroll beside a Swedish lake, watching the sun go down. During the bright summer evenings the sun sets between 9 and 10 pm and it stays light for even longer.

Another reason for choosing countryside hotels is their calm and restful tranquility. Their location means you avoid excessive driving on asphalt roads. Our hotels are often family-owned and take good care of their customers.