Our equipment
We are proud to present that we can offer the worshiped Yamaha Teneré 700 for the tours. Yes we can confirm, its really an amazing bike. We also have a set of well maintained Yamaha XT660R bikes. This is a suitable motorcycle for our tour, a robust and reliable bike that is perfect for gravel roads and can handle all that is asked of it.

We have a car that carries all of your luggage, making it easy for you to have a great time as our guest. In addition, our bus has a trailer for your bike if you prefer to rest one day. We also have an extra bike with us in the unlikely event of a breakdown.
Southern Sweden has a wide mobile phone network, providing coverage in most places. It contributes very significantly to increased safety in the event of emergency.

All visitors are assured of health care if an accident should occur, and if you are an EU / EEA citizen then you should pay around 30 Euro per visit. If you live in a country outside the EU / EEA, then you pay the full cost of medical treatment, so be sure to have comprehensive travel insurance to cover this.

During summertime in this part of Sweden the temperature is comfortable in respect of wearing all the protection clothes which is required for this type of motorcycle riding.
The temperature will vary from 15-25 °C daytime and if it rains it might drop a few degrees. In nighttime during spring and autumn it can drop down to 0 °C. Since nights are short and it is many hours of daylight from May to September it won’t affect us much. It happens that it rains so be prepared and bring good rain protection clothing.

Riding the route
All tours we offer you are made/developed/experienced by Magicmotor Experience and the routes are designed to be fun to drive. When you got your motorcycle you may also choose a partner as we are driving in pairs. Preferably your partner is as experienced driver as you are. You will receive a GPS and we will follow a marked route. The whole group will eat lunch and refuel together. Our guide will also run the route so if you want to, you can join him or her.